About Us

The Eight Miles, an authentic denim brand

We started in 2016, but our three generations have been in the clothing business industry for the last 70 years. Twelve years back we converted ourselves from clothing to garments & successfully started manufacturing denim, and 6 years back we registered our brand with the name “EIGHT MILES”.

We believe in innovating new designs, and creativity with the latest technology to bring out some cool washes on the garment. Our designers use products from the past to inspire the designs of tomorrow.

We are committed to upbringing a worldwide leader in the fashion industry. We are dedicated to personal and professional enrichment through an environment of open communication, teamwork, trust, and respect.

8Miles is washable, dryable, non-fading and a true companion for all-weather & seasons! For the sticklers, there is also the Summer Collection, Autumn Collection and Winter Collection to choose from.

We are known for our superlative quality, designing innovation and niche creation. With a penchant for contemporary aesthetics and an outstanding sense of fashion is what has kept us going & growing. The growing India consumer class always relates to our resonating fashion and attire trends. We’re all up for redefining jeans apparel in India. The coolest possible way is devised with fresh perspectives, vibrant color palette, trendy cuts and patterns to give you the perfect blend of style & comfort. The most premium grade of fabric goes into making all those awesome jeans you always kept in your Wishlist!

Striving for excellence we crave to create richer alternative dressing solutions inspired from culture, people, places and arts. Carry your own sense of style, imprint your persona and take over the lifestyle ramp be it office, college, home or outdoors!