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Why are Designer Jeans Always in Trend?

Denim Jeans have showcased the longest and the most impressive transformations over the years. Jeans originated almost a century and a half ago. Since then, we have witnessed a massive transformation in the denim industry over the years. From being manufactured for the sole purpose of creating a cheat and rugged bottom wear for blue-collar workers in the United States of America, jeans are now worn as regular wear in the entire world. When jeans entered the arena of regular wear, they were initially worn by cowboys and teenagers. They also served as a means of political radicalism during the late twentieth century in America. They are also associated with artistic movements such as punk and hip-hop. We have seen hundreds of jeans trends rise and disappear over decades. The twentieth century also witnessed the revival of several jeans trends that were fashionable in the late twentieth century. The fact that jeans have undergone such massive changes is itself impressive.

It is also interesting to note how jeans have been here for ages, they have transformed but have never vanished from the scene. The fact is that in today’s age jeans have occupied the position of a wardrobe essential and a staple regular wear for people around the world. The comfort, durability, and versatility that a pair of jeans provide are nowhere else to be found. You can style a pair of jeans with a t-shirt, shirt, hoodie, or even a blazer according to your mood and occasion. Now imagine the convenience of investing in jeans when they are available in a number of styles, shades, and shapes in the market. This has been possible only with the emergence of designer jeans. Let us take a look at the history of the development of designer jeans and why designer jeans are always in trend:

Designer jeans originated in the 1970s when Nakash Brothers came up with their Jordache line of jeans in the year 1978. The entire 1980s is marked with a celebration of this trend which further opened the doors for other designers to enter the market. The scenario is such that today, we have big designing houses such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Dolce and Gabbana, and so on, coming up with luxurious designer jeans that are pieces of art themselves. These brands have taken up the experience of purchasing a pair of jeans to a whole another level. Indian designers have also come up with blended jeans styles with an indigenous touch to them. Designer jeans have opened a niche for the denim market where people wear and appreciate jeans designs that might have appeared quite eclectic on the first appearance. Let us take a look at a few facts that can help in answering why designer jeans are always in trend:

  1. Styles: With designer jeans, there came a plethora of jeans styles into the denim market. Styles such as wide-legged jeans, bell-bottom jeans, baggy jeans, straight-fit, low rise, skinny jeans, and so on, offer people multiple choices to choose from. These jeans allow people to choose outfits that match their vibe, character, and daily routine. Designer jeans have gradually become so comfortable that they have even entered the line of loungewear. Another great attribute of these styles is that people who want to look different can choose from several options and make their appearance extraordinary. They also balance a comfortable niche for people who do not want to experiment and stick to the safe zone of regular or skinny-fit jeans. Designer jeans are made up of blended fabric using cotton, lycra, and spandex. With the use of technology, these blends have become quite comfortable and soft to touch. There are even options for fabric such as leather and suede in the market which further expands the choice options.
  2. Jeans for all Occasions: Designer jeans have also become so popular because they come with multiple styling options. You can purchase a pair of jeans according to your requirements and then style them differently for different occasions. Styles such as regular fit have become evergreen. You can pair these jeans with a t-shirt for a casual outing and pair them with a kurta or blazer for a family function. You can wear these jeans with a hoodie and a pair of sneakers to vibe with your cool personality. If funky is your style, you can pair them with a floral shirt or a printed t-shirt to stand apart from the crowd. You can even go for a pair of dungarees to radiate a casual and fashionable vibe. If you want to go for something cool, yet elegant, a pair of classic blue jeans with a plain white t-shirt is ageless. Therefore, you can avail yourself of limitless options of outfits with designer jeans very conveniently.
  3. Branding: Designer jeans have carved a special position for themselves in the world of fashion. People do not think twice before investing thousands in a pair of jeans that they like. Jeans have become a symbol of class and status these days. Designer jeans come with brandings and tags that credit them with extra value. Branded jeans are a collector’s prized possessions these days. Social media influencers and celebrities earn a lot for marketing and endorsing designer jeans brands. People have also accepted these brands with open arms and led the international denim market to a great pedestal.

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