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What are Corduroy Jeans?

Renowned International Fashion Magazine the GQ has defined Corduroy pants as the Mocha among Jeans styles for men. The analogy holds perfect resemblance when we compare the comfort provided by corduroy jeans with the comfortable niche mocha provides among coffees. Corduroy Jeans are magical when it comes to comfort. Not only do they provide easy mobility, but also a dreamy touch when it comes to contact with the skin. Another great factor about these jeans is that they are extremely stylish and anyone with a decent dressing sense can style them for different occasions. These jeans can also come together with a formal shirt or blazer to make perfect formal attire. Corduroy jeans have made a great buzz in the international garment business as they provide the dual experience of comfort and style.

The corduroy fabric is made of cotton or blended cotton woven with thick vertical ribs in diagonal lines. This fabric gives a dressed-up appearance along with upholding comfort and coziness. The fabric is a great option to choose while purchasing winter wear as it offers great insulation during winters and a really cool woollen vibe. The fabric has been used for multiple purposes such as manufacturing bags, skirts, shirts, trousers, and so on. You can find various options for corduroy pants in the market as well. Now that we have had a discussion about what are corduroy pants, let us take a look at some great corduroy pants options as laid out by the GQ magazine in a recent article:

  1. Alex Mill: The Rugged Cord Pleated pants by Alex Mill are quite comfortable and preferred as a daily wear garment. GQ calls them the “best everyday corduroy pants”. These jeans are a lovely combination of style and comfort and can be worn to almost any occasion. These pants also make the perfect work attire and are available in various formal colors. Alex Mill prepares corduroy pants with a relaxed fit that looks quite handsome.
  2. Todd’s Cotton Corduroy Trousers: If you are looking for an eclectic vibe with a style that sets you apart from the crowd, these pants are your best option this winter. GQ labels them as “the best Colossal corduroy pants”. These pants create an oversized appearance going with the modern maxim of “more is more”. If you do like to appear with a larger-than-life outlook, these pants are going to make your day. You can pair these with a simple t-shirt or a cashmere sweater and you’ll be the most stylish person in the room.
  3. Carhart VIP Single Knee Pants: GQ calls these pants the “best workwear pants”. These pants are extremely durable, comfortable to wear throughout the day, and quite affordable when it comes to comparing the merits with the price. Go for these pants if you have an outdoor job and you will fall in love with them. These jeans are a perfect option if you need something to keep you warm and mobile throughout the day.
  4. Evan Kinori Single Pleat Pants: Though these pants are quite expensive, and fall into the luxury range of clothing, these pants are a one-time investment if you are interested in styling and don’t mind spending a bit more for the same. These jeans offer you a baggy as well as a tapered look which provides them with an added character of elegance. The GQ has called them the “best (elevated) corduroy pants”, as they can be called the upgraded version of the Alex Mill ones with an elevated price as well.
  5. L.L.Bean Stretch Country Corduroy Pants: Defined as the “best Dadly Corduroy Pants”, these jeans are the best option if you want to go for something that is affordable as well as classy. The reason behind the elegance of these pants is the simplicity they come with. They appear to come with a classical vibe, something which you can associate with your dad’s jeans collection.
  6. Todd Synder “Sutton” Corduroy Trousers: These sleek designer pants tailored from premium quality glossy corduroy fabric are the best option to zing-up your office attire. These jeans are labeled as “the best office-ready pants” and can be comfortably worn throughout the day. They come in multiple shades that are quite adorable and offer you a great pick. These pants go really well with a blazer and are perfect to create a cocktail party look.
  7. Ralph Lauren Stretch Classic Corduroy Pants: Available at a discount of 60%, these jeans are another perfect pick for workwear attire. Do go for these jeans if you want to add something classic to your wardrobe that fulfills the versatile function of creating a formal, semi-formal, or casual attire.
  8. Dickies Corduroy Double Knee Pants: If the Carhart work pants are not sturdy enough for you, Dickies double knee pants are the best option for you. These pants provide excellent durability and a cool-comfortable vibe. Go for these pants for a rugged day out and you’ll be thrilled!

Now that winters are rapidly approaching, you might find a need to upgrade your wardrobe for some cozier attires. Corduroy pants are a wonderful option that combines comfort, durability, and style. You can avail yourself of these pants for a comfortable winter from local Indigenous manufacturers who create great quality pants and make them available at affordable prices.

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