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The Ultimate Guide to Buy Jeans for Your Man

Buying a pair of jeans can be quite a monumental task for someone who is not naturally into fashion. The denim jeans market is so huge and diverse, that it would confuse a layman immensely. There are innumerable styles, cuts, fits, and shades, that would be difficult for anyone to keep track of. We usually buy jeans by either getting inspired by someone else, or by trying something on ourselves in the showroom. There is nothing wrong with following other people’s styles, unless and until we share a sense of body shape and aesthetic choice with the other person. The final resort must be to make sure that we invest in something that actually looks good on our own bodies. Therefore, extensive research goes on while purchasing a pair of jeans as this is an investment that we would want to last for years.

Purchasing a pair of jeans for oneself already seems to be a difficult task. However, if you are planning to buy a pair for your man, you have to be even more careful. Men love to hoard jeans for years and you will often find them swearing by a pair that they have been wearing for years. This is actually no one’s fault. Jeans are the kind of garments that you feel strangely close to. Now how do you plan to top the pair that your man already loves? Well, the answer lies in the fact that how well you know your partner. You must be familiar with their body type and the kind of comfort they desire. You must also know their schedule so that you will have an idea about what kind of events they usually attend and what type of jeans would suit them. The rest of the research depends upon your knowledge and experience of buying jeans. Here is the ultimate guide to buying jeans for your man that you can follow:

  1. Choose the Right Fit: Make sure that you have a clear understanding of their body type to figure this out. You must also know what kind of vibe and appearance they prefer. For instance, some men who radiate the ultra-cool revolutionary vibe usually prefer funky styles with either extremely skinny-fit jeans or extremely loose baggy jeans. Here are a few fit types you can choose from:
  2. a. Jogger Fit: Jogger fit jeans radiate a laid-back casual vibe. They are ribbed at cuffs and waistbands and can be worn with casual t-shirts or hoodies.

    b. Slim Fit: Slim fit jeans are the most favored jeans among men these days. They usually suit athletic to normal body types and can be styled with almost anything. What makes them popular is the comfort due to the use of stretchable fabric and the effortless sleek appearance they provide.

    c. Skinny Fit: Skinny fit helps men to appear taller as they provide a very sleek look for the legs. It is good for people who have muscular thighs but might not be preferred by men with thinner thighs. The skinny fit style has become quite popular during the last few years.

    d. Regular Fit: Nothing beats a pair of classic blue jeans in a regular fit. They provide a very mature look and suits men belonging to all walks of life. They offer good room for your legs and are quite comfortable. They are usually paired with sneakers and offer a great and quite coveted old-school vibe. Regular or straight-fit jeans are perfect if one wants to create a semi-formal look.

    e. Tapered Fit: Tapered-fit falls somewhere between regular and skinny-fit and is perfect for people who want to play it safe. They provide a tapered look at calves and ankles and suit almost all body types. They look perfect when paired with regular button-down shirts.

  3. The Right Shade: denim jeans come in different shades. It is important to understand the different kinds of washes and see what goes with your choice. For instance, the vintage wash offers an old-school vibe when the shade is intentionally given a rustic appearance. Stonewash too offers a faded appearance. Acid wash offers a look with irregular fading which appears brilliant when done right. Ice wash is another kind of wash that offers a light hue and a brilliant summer look.
  4. Distressed Jeans: Distressed jeans are very common among the modern generation. Teenagers and young adults love distressed jeans because of the cool, funky, and liberated vibe they offer. Distressed or rugged jeans also have a political inclination of negating social hierarchy and upholding the proletariat culture. The idea lies in making a fashion statement by endorsing something that is torn and imperfect. However, these days, distressed jeans have left behind this political message and remain solely for what they are, pieces of art. These jeans are not everyone’s cup of tea. People also have their own personal taste in choosing different levels of distress. All in all, they do offer a very iconic look when paired with the right kind of shirt/t-shirt and footwear. Distressed jeans are mainly for casual outings.

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