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Know more about your favourite ripped jeans!

Ripped Jeans have been a fashion favourite globally for nearly half a century now. They closely followed Distressed Jeans that gained momentum over the world during the Punk-Rock movement. Since then, fashion enthusiasts have been expressing their love for ripped jeans one way or the other. The worn-out appearance of ripped jeans has made itself appealing because of the cool look it transmits. It also stands as a symbol of political protest against conventional or traditional thought patterns. The punk-inspired look celebrates freedom against a chic upper-class attitude that looks down upon what is marginalised. Though these jeans have been embraced by people of all classes, they do not fail to express their political relevance.

Distressed and ripped jeans are loved by the youth and give an outlook perfect for a casual setting. These jeans have been an undeniable part of the fashion world and have been worn by models on the ramp walk now and then. Designers have experimented with the style repeatedly by pairing them with unexpected clothing on the top such as a fusion kurta and highly embroidered traditional cholis/tops. Fashion designers, movie stars, sports celebrities, etc have been showing their love for ripped jeans for decades now. The Indian youth has never been behind and they have been copying designers by creating their DIY ripped jeans. The best feature about strategically cut ripped jeans is that they give you a fashionable edge without investing much in the look. You can pair them with a top, t-shirt, shirt, or a kurta of your choice and walk out all stylish. When interested in fashion, one needs to embrace one’s authenticity and a customised ripped jean would fulfill just that!

Though the youth has been crazy about ripped jeans and expressing its love for the outlook in more than one way, the Indian society has not been very welcoming for the same. There have been ongoing debates about ripped jeans being against Indian culture. Various political leaders and traditional thinkers have expressed their opinion against these types of jeans on national media. These circumstances make ripped jeans even more appealing to the youth. Even though it brings out a tussle between the old and the new, it also brings a wave of change with it. Change has to be embraced with understanding and innovation and ripped jeans metaphorically represent an acceptance of the modern. India has always found its way to balance the modern and the traditional and our youth shows and celebrated that time and again.

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