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Jeans of the Week: Good American Good Vintage Jeans

Denim Jeans have become an indispensable part of the garment market in the modern world. Jeans have become the most worn global garment and have achieved a standard reputation all over the world. Men and women of all ages today are wearing jeans while engaging in a dialogue of cultural globalisation. People of all races, creeds, and colours are flaunting this global outfit of modernity. Jeans have acquired such a favourable spot among the masses because of the convenience, comfort, and freedom they provide. They were a game-changer in the world of women when they began going out and walking shoulder to shoulder with men. People are loving jeans not only because of the style and comfort they provide, but also because they have been a part of many important dialogues of the modern culture. The spirit of freedom and liberty rushes through the masses and jeans are doing well as an asset to this spirit.

However, there have been several controversies around jeans too. The textile industry has been repeatedly blamed among the major causes of industrial pollution. Humanity has been struggling at the hands of pollution and the situation has been worsened with time. Therefore, it is very necessary that we participate in planet conscious activities and spread awareness for the same. Our survival lands solely on our shoulders to save us from the impending doom earth has been progressing towards. The garment industry has to take responsible measures to create ways for sustainable clothing. That is the main reason we are talking about the Good American Label today.

There are various reasons why we can grant the jeans of the week title to Good American Good Vintage Jeans. The philosophy behind the brand foundation states the desire to create a line of body-positive jeans by using sustainable methods. Good American Good Vintage jeans come in all sizes for people to choose from and wear comfortably. The brand has been celebrated among the most fashionable jeans brands that provide great fitting. These jeans are the perfect option if you want to wear something and flaunt your curves. These jeans provide an amazing shapely appearance of your lower half that looks quite stylistic and elegant. The brand has a very conscious attitude towards the manufacturing process as well. The brand undertakes all possible measures to create jeans in the most sustainable manner. Let us take a look at certain innovative features of the company that give it an outstanding reputation:

  1. The brand proudly states that 100% of the jeans manufactured by them are produced from completely organic or recycled cotton. Such eco-friendly measures are extremely important to deal with the current situation of pollution on earth. The brand also uses eco-friendly washes that use minimum chemicals and water. These measures not only make sure that the garment that touches your skin is not at all toxic but also help in conserving water. 90% of the jeans manufactured by the company are produced with eco-washes to conserve water and reduce chemical usage. We do need to make such conscious decisions while purchasing as well. It is the end customer who is the ultimate buyer and we must make sure that we think responsibly and go for brands that use sustainable methods in production and delivery processes.
  2. B Corp Certified: This certificate is awarded to businesses who consider sustainable behaviors and environment conservation as important as raising profits from their businesses. This effort must be celebrated by us all so that more brands and companies strive to achieve such status. It is the collective attitude to save the environment that we strongly require for the longer run. Companies must be sensitive towards humanity and the planet while building their businesses. Our environment has been suffering for a long time now and we must ensure that each one of us takes conscious decisions regarding the ways we produce and consume.
  3. Sustainable Packing and Merchandizing: Packing and merchandising are behind the production of large amounts of hazardous waste. Plastic has seeped into all the corners of our society and is the cause of pollution everywhere. Plastic is very hazardous for human health and must be used very cautiously. The Good American brand has removed plastic completely from its packing processes. Bio-degradable bags and labels are used to ensure the minimization of toxic waste production.
  4. Innovative Digital Prints: This brand uses technology very wisely to reduce the wastage of water and chemicals. Digital printing processes are very preferable when it comes to reducing the overall wastage of water in the manufacturing process.
  5. Eco Report Card: This is another very thoughtful and innovative use of technology in the jeans manufacturing process. This year onwards, the company began providing a QR code with each pair of jeans which can help the end consumer to understand the jean’s sustainability status. This is a very effective measure to involve the end consumer in their dialogue of environment conservation. This also provides a feel-good assurance about their fashion choices.
  6. Ethical Supply Chain: The company undertakes all measures to ensure that they produce and deliver products with high quality and low impact. People must make very conscious decisions when it comes to fashion. We must not collect huge wardrobe collections and consume through fast-fashion chains. It is our responsibility to think about the environment while consuming. Therefore, we must seek quality products that are manufactured through environment-friendly processes.

EightMilesJeans is another such brand that uses environment-friendly measures while manufacturing high-quality denim jeans. We are one of the best Good Jeans Manufacturer In Delhi. The company is based in Delhi and uses great quality organic cotton in the jeans manufacturing process. The jeans manufactured are very trendy and available at wholesale prices. The denim manufacturing industry is growing at a rapid rate in India and we must do all we can to support it. Companies such as EightMilesJeans provide great quality jeans that Indians can easily afford. If you are looking to invest in some good-quality denim jeans, check out their website today!

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