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How to Style Your Denim Overalls in 2022?

Denim overalls have now and again made celebratory comebacks as the most fashionable denim trends through different decades. In the modern generation, denim overalls were initially worn by both men and women across the United States during the 60s and 70s during the flower power movement of the hippie generation. However, the actual historical appearance of overalls dates back to the 17th century. It is very interesting to note that the overall trend was actually initiated in India in a village called Dongri. Overalls or alternatively known as dungarees were worn by workmen as cheap and durable work clothes made out of very coarse fabric. Later, in the second half of the Nineteenth Century, Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis used the denim fabric for the first time to create denim jeans for blue-collar workers during the height of the industrial revolution in the western world. These first jeans also had some versions of belts or long strips attached to them. This was the first incident of dungarees spotted in the west. Later, as denim jeans gradually carved a very comfortable niche in the clothing market all over the world, denim overalls too had their own rise and fall.

Dungarees or denim overalls were a big hit among the masses during the 80s and many brands such as The Go-Gos, New Kids on the Block, and Bananarama sported denim overalls for the youth to copy. Famous celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Will Smith, Sir Elton John, and Jennifer Anniston did take on the trend and looked quite adorable. Popular fashion has always been influenced by Pop culture and that is what happened with Overalls as well. This is not just an incident of crowds going mad over celebrity endorsements, overalls actually radiate a very cool vibe too. Overalls look perfect on people who want to look outstanding without trying too much. They are very efficient to give out an effortless chic attitude. If you have always had to desire to wear denim overalls but could not understand how to style them, here are a few tips on how to style your denim overalls in 2022:

  1. Triple Layer Denim Look: Though showing off too much denim is not everyone’s cup of tea, Andre 3000s denim look did gather a lot of attention. A wore a classic pair of denim overalls with a heavy denim jacket on top. He looked like a dapper artist and glided effortlessly in his cool and comfortable outfit. However, if you are planning on recreating this look, make sure that you go for a loose-fitting but it should not be too baggy.
  2. The Classic Look: If you like to keep it simple, go for a pair of classic blue dungarees. These old-school overalls are evergreen and look super cool. Make sure that you buy a pair with no extra zips, buttons, or prints. Go for a medium fitting without any fancy patterns. If you can’t seem to spot a pair, the Japanese brand Needles has come out with a range of classic overalls for modern men. You can simply wear these with a white t-shirt and classic converse sneakers.
  3. Stripes can be Very Cool: If you do not mind going slightly over the board with your appearance, you can actually rock a great denim overall look. You can go for a striped full-arm length t-shirt underneath with a regular cap on the top of your head. The key to showcasing style in overalls is confidence along with a carefree attitude. You can wear this outfit with sports shoes and complete the look with a sports watch or smartwatch.
  4. Alternate Denim on Denim: There is another triple-layer denim for you to try with a denim shirt worn underneath your overalls. This look is a bit eclectic but looks great when worn with confidence and effortlessness.
  5. The Harry Styles Look: Who does not adore the very authentic and trendy uber-cool fashion sense of the sensational Harry Styles? For this look, you will need the strap-on style overalls in a dark shade such as navy blue. What you can do is cross the strap in front instead of in the back. Wear a printed t-shirt underneath and you’ll be good to go!
  6. Overalls Undone: Undone overalls look extremely cool when worn correctly. You can go for the classic navy-blue colour and wear a cool t-shirt underneath. This look is great if you want to show off some muscles by wearing a tank t-shirt or even no t-shirt at all!
  7. Sweat-shirt it up: Winters are rapidly approaching their peak and it is the perfect moment to wear cosy warm hoodies. You can wear a light pastel; shaded hoodie with its front open over your dungarees. Light colours give a great bright spot to your overall look and look adorable.
  8. Loaded with Accessories: Men’s fashion outfits have their own styling when it comes to accessories. Cultural movements like punk and hip-hop have also laid down perfect opportunities for men to accessorize. You can create a beautiful rugged look by wearing thick metal chains over a plain overall outfit. Distressed overalls look perfect with thoughtful accessories that actually look not very thoughtful.

Today, we came across the fact that dungarees were initially debuted in India. Therefore, it would be shamefully ironic if we continue to buy them from foreign brands. With the denim business booming all over the world, many Indian manufacturers are doing great at manufacturing denim jeans for Indians that offer quality as well as affordability.

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