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How to Style Your Denim Overalls?

Ever since its evolution, the denim fabric has become an indispensable part of our lives. Initially, denim jeans were invented for blue-collar workers who needed a durable work outfit. Levi Strauss came up with the idea of using denim fabric to manufacture rugged bottom wear for mine workers in the United States. The indigo dye first used for the manufacturing of denim jeans was exported from India, hence the name “indigo”. Gradually denim jeans occupied a space in regular fashion wear beginning from the 1930s. Denim jeans went through great transformations through years and decades and are now available in a wide variety of styles, cuts, fits, and so on. One such denim jeans style is the denim overalls.

The modern denim overalls are quite different from the original version. Initially, denim jeans came attached with suspenders to provide extra security for people like mine workers. These jeans were quite popular among the working class of the United States during the 1930s. The years around and during The Great Depression showcased the majority of working-class wearing denim jeans with suspenders while engaging in activities such as farming, mining, construction, etc. These utilitarian bottom wears not only allowed free mobility but also turned out to be quite durable. There has been a radical shift in human civilization when we compare the 1930s to the present. The shift is clearly visible in our clothing choices as well. The initial denim overalls which were a sign of poverty and low standards have acquired the position of a very stylish and chic outfit in the modern world. This has been possible because of the hard work of denim designers along with the openness of the modern population towards accepting and celebrating unconventional cultures.

Denim overalls may not be as popular as regular denim jeans, but they do have their own charm. These fashionable bottom wears are perfect for you if you want to stand apart from the crowd Though not many men prefer to wear overalls, the ones who do pull them off really well. Contrary to the popular opinion about overalls being just for women, we have seen various male celebrities rocking ravishing looks in denim overalls. If you are planning to include denim overalls in your wardrobe, here are a few tips on how to style them:

  1. The Dapper Look: If you want to create the next dapper look for an outing, go for a pair of denim overalls with longer straps or suspenders. The long suspenders allow more space for you to showcase a beautiful shirt or t-shirt with your choice of pattern. For instance, go for a dark shade of overalls with a light-shade striped t-shirt. If you want to leave no stone unturned in styling, you can wear a hat or fedora on top. This appearance looks extremely adorable and will definitely give you the edge you are craving.
  2. The Party Look: If you are a party-animal and do not shy away from experimenting, go with a pair of black overalls and a yellow t-shirt underneath. The yellow t-shirt will look highlighted with the black overalls and will look amazing. Pair them with a neat pair of sneakers and a hat of your choice.
  3. The Edgy Look: If you do not want to go for a dark pair of overalls, there are choices available in light vintage washes as well. You can pair them with a t-shirt that shrieks for attention. In case you do not want that much attention, you can pair them with a tie-dye t-shirt in a neutral shade. You can fold the jeans from the ankles to show off a stylish pair of sneakers and the look will be complete.
  4. The Hipster Look: Overalls do radiate the cool effortless vibe of a hipster. To create this look, you can go for overalls that are comparatively bigger in size. Brands like Carhartt are popular for producing such overalls for men. A couple of years back, Chris Pine appeared at Heathrow Airport in Carhartt overalls and the look was to die for. Hipster overalls look great in colors like olive green. You can wear them with a plain and simple t-shirt and skater sneakers.
  5. Denim Jumpsuits: Another great style that comes in overalls for men is the denim jumpsuits. These overalls look quite elegant and give you a kind of cute handyman look. With jumpsuits, you do not need to wear a shirt or t-shirt underneath as they fully cover your body. You can go with radiant or neutral colors according to your choice and mood. If you are looking for extra credit in styling, you can wear a pair of laced boots underneath.
  6. The Strong Muscular Look: If you are a gym hunk and do not shy away from showing off those muscles, you can simply wear overalls overall with strips without a shirt or t-shirt. This look will favorably showcase your collarbone, shoulders, and your pumped-up arms. Shah Rukh Khan looked quite dapper when featured in the Dard-e-disco song from the movie Om Shanti Om.
  7. The Original Farmer Style: If you are looking for a vintage-inspired look from the American South, you can go for denim overalls with a vintage wash. Pair them with a simple cotton shirt and brown boots and you will be good to go. Wear a regular hat if you want to take the extra bit of inspiration from a southern farmer.
  8. The 90s Look: Overalls were a blast during the 90s and the look still appears quite stylish. Pair a light-colored hoodie with your overalls and wear converse sneakers underneath.

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