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How to Identify Original Denim Jeans?

People usually buy denim jeans as a long-term investment. Spending on a good pair of branded jeans can be a bit intimidating because it would definitely burn a hole in your pocket. A quality pair of jeans from a good brand begins in the range of 2000-5000. Therefore, it is not a decision that a person coming from a middle-class background can make without any research. Garment counterfeiting is a booming business, especially in third-world countries. Manufacturers copy design and brand labels from famous brands and sell them as original pieces. If a buyer is willing to invest in a branded-jeans, it would be a shame if they pay so dearly for something that is not original.

Clothes counterfeiting is booming because most people do not know how to identify original denim jeans. Firstly, it is important to understand why they are paying so much for a branded jeans that they could easily avail themselves for almost a quarter of the price. Brands such as Levi’s do not simply charge for a pair of jeans. It is the brand quality and service that comes with a pair of jeans. Branded jeans are exclusively crafted using the best available fabrics that are manufactured using the latest technologies. Other raw materials such as rivets, zippers, zips, etc., used by such brands are also of premium quality. Such denim jeans do not fade having been machine-washed for years. Let us take a look at a few clues you can keep to understand how to identify original denim jeans:

  1. Notice the Branding: Brands always go for specific design logos that reflect unmatchable quality and art. Counterfeited pieces of garments usually make mistakes in copying the spelling or the logo design. Make sure that you are familiar with the exact logo design of the brand you are investing in and take a careful look at the branding of the jeans you are planning to buy. The size tag of a particular brand uses a particular font design that counterfeiters usually fail to notice. Make sure that you match the number with the corresponding font design used by the brand. Tags attached to original branded jeans use a close-stitched pattern. Such a pattern requires more time and special machinery which cheap counterfeiters would not be able to afford. Therefore, make sure that the stitches used in the tag of the pair of jeans are not wide. The labels at the back pockets of original branded jeans are made from good quality leather or even faux leather. Counterfeiters, on the other hand, would try to get away by using cardboard which would be washed off on the first wash. Therefore, make sure that you notice these slight details carefully before investing thousands in a pair of branded jeans.
  2. Micro-Stitching: Brands themselves are quite conscious of getting their reputation destroyed by counterfeiters. Why would anyone invest 3000 on a pair of jeans when they can easily avail themselves of a similar piece for 500? It is the quality that matters the most and brands are going to great lengths to let their brand quality remain uncontaminated. Micro-stitching is a measure used by designer brands to counter illegal copying by counterfeiters. This is a great innovative technique that uses microscopic threads to feature letters or numbers on tags or on the jeans’ insides. The printing is so small that it would be invisible to the naked eyes. However, brands can easily inspect for originality using a magnifying glass. Such technology is not easy to afford and a counterfeiter would not pay so much attention to detail as it would be very costly.
  3. Zipper Hardware and Rivets: Branded jeans use a specific number of rivets. For instance, each pair of jeans from Levi’s would have six rivets, two on the left-hand pocket and four on the right. This is a great way for identifying original branded jeans. Materials such as zipper hardware, zipper slider, and rivets used by brands are always of premium quality. Such metal would not undergo discolouration easily. Another way of identifying original denim is to take a close look at the zipper slider and the rivets. Brands would usually label these with the brand logo. However, fake denim would not be made with such detailing and you could easily notice the difference.
  4. Colour and Fabric: You would often notice that good-quality denim fabric is usually heavier because it uses thicker yarn. Fake denim jeans on the other hand would use thinner and cheaper fabric that would showcase a lightness in weight. You would also notice that fake denim jeans would catch a thinner inseam length in order to save fabric. The colour of a pair of fake denim jeans would showcase unevenness and would fade easily. However, an original branded denim jeans would use the best quality fabric that would stay the same even after multiple washes. Such fabric provides easy comfort on the skin that you can easily wear for hours. Such fabric also gives an easy fit without being uncomfortable.

Therefore, the main lesson that comes from the above postulates is that counterfeiters always care about gaining maximum profits and use cheap raw materials in manufacturing. The technology and quality that a branded jeans possess would be unreachable for such counterfeiters. However, despite these issues, it is not always easy to catch a counterfeiter with untrained eyes. You have to pay very special attention to details to make sure that you can differentiate between the original and the fake.

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