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Hottest Ongoing Denim Trends

The denim fabric has taken over the whole world with the comfort and durability it provides. People all over the world have shown immense love for denim for decades now. Denim jeans have occupied such a precious position in the world of fashion that almost everyone has at least a pair in their wardrobe. The world has become a global village where denim jeans are being worn immensely by people of all cultures, genders, social classes, and so on. In India, jeans were initially worn by the elite class. However, now jeans are being worn by people from all classes. Jeans, in the modern world, have become a symbol of unification for people from all nationalities, races, etc, all over the world. India, as a country has ties to the initial manufacturing of denim jeans in the late nineteenth century, as the indigo dye used while manufacturing was imported from India itself. That is why the name “indigo”. Over the years, the process of manufacturing denim has undergone a humongous transformation. Initially, denim was manufactured using original cotton, which was quite sturdy and heavy. However, the denim manufacturing industry is coming up with blended fabrics that are lighter in weight, comfortable in wearing, and quite stretchable.

The denim industry is one of the most successful industries when we talk about clothing. There are various fashion trends that emerge regularly and use denim as their base material. People love denim for the comfort and durability it provides. Designers love denim for its versatility and the bold look it can create. The love for denim is undeniable, not simply because it provides a cool vibe to youngsters, but also because it has become a symbol of modernity that brings us all together. Denim has established such a stronghold over the garment sector that it is everywhere, and it is here to exist for generations. Let us take a look at the hottest denim trends that have been propagated recently:

  1. Denim Jackets for Men: The crowd has been going gaga over the light blue denim jacket being worn by men. You could either go for a trim and proper look with a contrasting t-shirt inside or embrace the funkiness with baggy denim jackets that look super fun. Designers have been coming up with decorating these jackets with rock band stickers or cool bike prints. These jackets look adorable on men of all ages. You can choose any colour or design that suits your vibe and pair it with a pair of denim jeans to get the much-loved denim-on-denim look.
  2. Denim Shirts: Denim shirts have been getting crazy attention lately. You can either create a sophisticated nerdy look by pairing them with trousers or jeans of lighter shades, preferably white or wear them unbuttoned over a plain t-shirt. Both men and women have been donning denim shirts which are made from a rather lighter fabric, as compared to the one used for manufacturing jeans. The lighter and thinner fabric allows for easy movement of arms and does not rest too heavily on the upper body.
  3. Denim Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits made from denim have been attracting so many teenagers and young adults these days. Jumpsuits have been gaining a lot of attention in the past few years. However, denim jumpsuits have brought on a renewed craze over the stylish wardrobe selection. Women have been loving denim jumpsuits for the chic and cool look they provide. One can opt for varied lengths on the jumpsuits; however, the shorter ones are living all the craze.
  4. Distressed Denim Jeans: The uber-cool generation of the modern age has been drawn towards distressed denim for years now. Ripped denim jeans are perfect for a party or a casual outing. According to your vibe, you can pair them with a plain or a printed t-shirt. A plain white t-shirt over distressed denim jeans with sneakers is a perfect classic look, the current generation has been gushing over.
  5. Bodycon Denim Skirt: Another trend that has taken over the millennials and gen-z is the bodycon denim skirt. Bodycon dresses have enjoyed great attention over many years. However, with the entry of denim in the arena, the game has reached another level. Bodycon denim skirts create a vibe that is a mixture of sexiness, sophistication, and boldness. Do own a denim bodycon skirt if you do not already have one!
  6. Denim all Over: A classic blue denim jacket with a pair of classic blue denim jeans is a look that people die for. Various celebrities such as Zack Effron and Selena Gomez have rocked this look on different occasions. Fashion labels have also come up with denim shrugs that look adorable over denim jeans. All you have to keep is your creative eye on and you could easily rock a great look!
  7. DIY Denim: The process of creating your own ripped jeans or denim shorts with an old pair of denim jeans never grows old. Millennials have loved this trend forever and continue to do so. Apart from creating your customised DIY ripped jeans, you can also refashion your denim jackets. Go creative with poster colours or stickers of your favourite pop star or rock band. It is the cool and funky look of DIYs that everyone adores.
  8. Denim Dress: The ongoing fashion trend of a denim dress over a pair of white sneakers have been loved all over the internet these days. Many social media influencers have supported the look. Denim dresses in different styles and lengths have been available in the market.

Denim has become an inseparable part of our culture. India has openly welcomed the denim industry and various local Denim Jeans Manufacturers in Delhi NCR are coming up in the market. EightMilesJeans is one such denim jeans manufacturing company that creates great quality denim jeans for men. It is good news for all men that the stylish and trendy EightMilesJeans are available at the lowest prices. You can never go wrong with investing in denim jeans from EightMiles as they use the best quality fabric and the designs are always trendy. The company makes an appointment to produce jeans that are comfortable and can easily be worn for long hours. Do take advantage of the news about the stylish and trendy EightMilesJeans available at the lowest prices and buy today!

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