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Dress up Your Jeans for Christmas Party!

The holiday season is here with the endless culture of outings and parties. This is the time of the year where people are extremely busy and ironically it is not for work. Christmas time is a time to meet, greet, and celebrate. During this time of the year, parties are generally planned by work organisations, and among friends. Work parties are great occasions to set your best foot forward and display your stylish personality. With friends too, you can not just neglect style, and must ensure that you are dressed smartly for all parties and outings. This is also the time when you can display all the styles over social media and feel great about yourself with the pouring comments. Clothing might not provide you with a deep sense of spiritual comfort but it does help in boosting your confidence and self-worth. Therefore, make sure that you use these occasions to dress your best and enjoy immensely.

The cold temperatures during winters might not be very appealing to go out and have fun. You might be tempted towards snuggling inside your blanket all day long. However, winters also offer great clothing options. There are a variety of options for you to choose from and you can decide according to your choices and preferences. Christmas is such a great time to go out and celebrate life and you must ensure that you do that while being dressed for the occasion. If you are a denim enthusiast and have a variety of denim in your closet, this is the best time to dress up your jeans for a Christmas party. Depending upon the kind of party, you can choose to dress casually, semi-formally, business-casually, and so on. This is the best festive environment where you can add that extra fashionable flair to your outfit which you were unable to add during workdays. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind while dressing up for a Christmas party:

  1. Leather Jeans: Leather jeans are perfect to attend parties during winters. They usually get very uncomfortable breathing in during summers and not everything goes well with them. Christmas is the time where you can hunt down your much-loved leather jeans from the back of your closet and finally have a chance to wear them. You can wear a leather jacket on top to radiate that all-black leather look which is completely savage. A unisex shawl or muffler would also go a long way to bring out your look. If you want to tone down the leather appeal, you can also pair them with a denim jacket which will also look perfect for a casual party at a friend’s house or at a bar.
  2. Fleece-lined Jeans: Fleece-lined jeans have made quite a buzz this year and are loved by almost everyone. The best feature about fleece-lined jeans is that they keep you very warm and the comfort is dreamy. These jeans are actually the best clothing innovation for winters and you can wear them in extreme temperatures. Besides being so utilitarian, they also look very stylish and will be a perfect match for you if you have skinny legs. You can pair them with woollen sweaters and your favourite shawl in contrast. You can also wear them with woollen clothes and style them with a beautiful muffler.
  3. White Jeans: If you are planning on dazzling everyone at the party with your excellent clothing choices, you can make a great entrance wearing crisp white jeans. White jeans draw attention towards you and will be perfect to wear to a party. You can wear them with a leather jacket or a denim jacket depending upon your choice and mood. White jeans would also be perfect with a dark overcoat and a contrasting muffler on your neck. You can complete the look with a pair of casual shoes and go out with a confident attitude and a goal to have unlimited fun.
  4. Semi-Formal Look: If you have an office party to attend this Christmas, you can definitely go for a semi-formal look with denim jeans. You can go for darker shades of blue 0r black solid jeans that will look amazing with blazers. Wear a button-down shirt with contrasting color on the inside and a good pair of formal or semi-formal shoes. Chinos would work great with this attire. You can experiment with the fabric of the blazer and go for beautiful fabrics like velvet or satin which look extremely elegant and make perfect party wear.
  5. Fleece Lined Jackets: Fleece-lined jackets look immensely stylish and will give you an extra edge over your outfit. You can either go for a hip-hop vibe by purchasing a larger size and wear them with baggy jeans. On the other hand, if you want to keep it smart and safe, go for your size and pair them with your brand-new fleece-lined jeans or your regular classic jeans. You can wear a sweater underneath with a carefully chosen pattern to radiate the kind of vibe you want to radiate.
  6. Corduroy Jeans: Corduroy jeans can make you the highlight of the party by making you stand apart with something unique. In any modern gentleman's sartorial armory, a blue blazer and corduroy pants are powerful stylistic weapons. Complete this look with a pair of black chunky leather derby shoes if you only need one piece to complete your look. You'll exude elegance and refinement in a navy blazer and corduroy jeans. A pair of brown leather tassel loafers is a simple way to add some oomph to your look.

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