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Denim Trends over the Decades - There is no doubt in the fact that jeans have become a wardrobe essential for all. Since their evolution in the Nineteenth century, jeans have been adapted over and over as a clothing item for all. What began as a rugged and durable bottom-wear for blue-collar workers has been transformed over generations as the most fashionable and versatile clothing item we can find. Jeans have transformed over the last one and a half-century owing to social, political, and cultural reasons. Let us take a look at denim trends over the decades since the last century.

Denim Trends over the Decades

  1. 1920s to 1930s: Jeans began to be worn as workwear in the second half of the eighteenth century. During the 1920s and 30s too, jeans continued to be worn as workwear by ranch workers, miners, cowboys, and so on. However, jeans got revolutionised during this time as this was for the first time a character in Hollywood appeared wearing jeans on screen. And we can all understand how trends get picked up after pop culture! In the 30s, jeans first appeared on Vogue cover as a fashionable item which took it away from the sole purpose of being workwear. Levis was the first brand that produced jeans during this time.
  2. 1950s: This was the time of wearing jeans for being “cool” and “rebellious”. Popular stars such as Marlon Brando and James Dean popularised jeans that were cuffed and had a boxy style. Rebellious teenagers picked up the trend readily followed by a stringent backlash from moralists.
  3. 1960s: This was an era of free youthfulness that popularised bell bottom and low-rise jeans with floral prints. The 60s generation had a powerful anthem of authentic self-expression and flowy bell-bottoms provided the perfect vehicle for them.
  4. 1970s: There was a break in the bell-bottom tradition during the 70s with the onset of transformation brought about by pop-cultural movements represented by a cool-girls vibe as in Charlie’s Angels. Jeans began to be straighter and more body-hugging.
  5. 1980s: Transformation continued during the 80s with the onset of designer jeans that had features like ripped, acid wash, stonewash, and skinnier fits.
  6. 1990s: This was a time where people slightly went back to wide-legged jeans trends popularised by the growing hip-hop culture. Mom-Jeans and Carpenter jeans with multiple pockets were a great hit!
  7. 2000s: This decade saw the rise of low-waist jeans which were widely worn all over the world. We could also see flare and bootcut styles popularised now and then during this particular decade.
  8. 2010s: The last decade showed the highest international popularisation of jeans. The overall trends that were followed were skinny patterns with different variations. There have also been technological innovations in the production of blended denim fabrics that are more stretchable, durable, and comfortable. Jeans became an indispensable part of everyone’s wardrobe and we now have jeans for all occasions and moods.

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