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The Denim Trends that are in and out for 2021

For the current young and adult generations, jeans have been a part of their wardrobe since forever. One cannot recall a time in his or her life where they could see the fashion industry devoid of this extremely versatile clothing. Jeans have never gone out of fashion. However, there have certainly been different new trends that tend to outdate previously popular trends almost every alternate season. It has been quite surprising to see the amazing changes jeans have undergone for more than half a century now. Every season, there is an influx of a new denim trend that is instantaneously adopted and popularized by the masses. Now that the current year is already half in, let us look at the denim trends in and out for 2021.

The following trends are making a significant mark in the world of fashion and are replacing other trends that are also mentioned below:

  1. Skater jeans are becoming the new favourite style when it comes to the baggy denim look. Skater jeans are now replacing pleated jeans with their extremely cool, effortless, and comfortable outlook. You can pair skater jeans with a loose printed t-shirt, preferably a brand logo, some trendy sneakers and you are good to go. The other advantage of skater jeans is that they are extremely breathable to counter the hot summers.
  2. Light washed-out jeans have become an absolute favourite of people and are replacing coloured washes. People have been expressing immense love for light washes. You can pair them with almost any color of top and they appear very trendy. They can be associated with a cool and casual outlook, along with a hot and sexy appearance, depending upon your mood.
  3. You could be seeing bidding adieu to mid-rise skinny jeans this season. This particular trend has been in for years now. However, there could be a gradual shift of favour towards slim-straight jeans. The fashion industry has been shifting towards simpler and effortless looks and a pair of straight-slim jeans are the answer. You can style it just like a regular classic pair of jeans.
  4. Boot cut jeans have been popularizing themselves gradually. However, we might see a slim variant of boot cut jeans gain extreme popularity. They are all set to replace wide-flare jeans which seem to be a bit too much according to the transforming fashion tastes. You can wear a pair of slim boot-cut jeans with heels or boots to make that classy and sassy appearance.
  5. Loose-distressed jeans are also becoming quite popular on Instagram these days. Famous influencers have embraced the look and are now being followed by the masses. They are replacing jeans with frayed hems. Do buy a pair and try out the trendy look for yourself.

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