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Jeans Manufacturing Process- From Farm to your Wardrobe!

Best Wholesaler of Branded Jeans in Delhi NCR - Jeans are the most versatile piece of garment in today’s world. They are worn everywhere by people of all ages, genders, nationalities, and races. Jeans are worn widely for the comfort and strength they provide. The quality of a great pair of jeans is judged by their durability and fabric. People often prefer 100% pure cotton denim that is breathable and provides excellent fitting and comfort. The choice of cotton denim is also a very strategic one as cotton is considered to be one of the toughest organic fibers. The cotton picked from the plant goes through various steps before being transformed into jeans that find a place in your wardrobe. Jeans manufacturing is a very intriguing process that takes place through several complicated processes. Let us take a look at the steps involved in manufacturing jeans:

  1. When cotton is picked from plants, it goes through a series of steps while being transformed into cotton yarn. Cotton is picked from plants and is initially processed to make ginned cotton. This cotton is then processed through machines for the process of carding. These machines contain brushes with bent wire teeth and the ginned cotton is sent through them. This process helps in cleaning, disentangling, straightening, and joining cotton fibers to form slivers.
  2. The slivers are then passed through other machines where they are joined, pulled, and twisted to make stronger threads. These threads are sent through the spinning machine where they are again twisted and pulled to form yet stronger cotton yarn.
  3. In the manufacturing of blue jeans, cotton yarn is usually dyed using synthetic indigo dye before being woven. Huge balls of cotton yarn, also known as ball warps, are dipped into big containers of indigo dye. The number of times they are dipped decides how much a pair of jeans would fade after each wash. It is believed that a small amount of sulfur is usually added to the indigo dye to make the coating stronger and last longer.
  4. The dyed yarn is then coated with a starchy material known as sizing which makes it stiffer and stronger. The yarn after this process is known as slashed yarn which is now ready for weaving with undyed yarn.
  5. Weaving takes place with the help of large mechanical looms where indigo-dyed yarn is woven with undyed yarn threads that provide it with the unique denim pattern of blue and white. Three blue threads, known as warp, are packed vertically followed by an undyed white thread known as weft packed horizontally. Since three blue threads cover one undyed thread, the blue colour dominates.
  6. Once the process of weaving is done, the fabric is sent for finishing. The process of finishing generally involves simple brushing to remove any extra thread of lint. The denim fiber may also be sanforized. After this process, the denim does not shrink more than 3% after three washes.
  7. Now that you have the finished denim fabric in hand, the next process includes designing and stitching. Once the desirable design is selected, it is drawn on cardboard or thick paper. Then the fiber is cut into different pieces such as leg panels, pockets, and so on. It is believed that there are generally ten pieces of fabric that are sewn together to make a pair of jeans.
  8. Once the pieces are cut, they are sewn together with the help of human-operated sewing machines. Specific functions are assigned to each sewer. For instance, one sewer would only work on leg panels, and the next would only attach back pockets, and so on. Zippers, rivets, and labels are then sewn and the pair of jeans is then fully prepared.
  9. The prepared jeans then undergo pre washes, where it is washed with the help of an industrial detergent to give it the desired shade and colour pattern.
  10. The finished pair of jeans are then pressed using mechanical irons. Size tags are attached, jeans are folded and then packaged neatly into boxes. The manufactured jeans are then sent to warehouses where they are stored until they get sold to stores at wholesale prices. The wholesaler gets the jeans delivered to their desired locations once they are sold. EightMilesJeans is one of the best wholesalers of branded jeans in Delhi NCR.

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