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Are You a Denim Addict?

Denim jeans have gradually become an indispensable part of our entire generation. People all over the world have now been preferring jeans over any other piece of garment. Be it the Northern or the Southern regions of the earth, jeans have been made suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Jeans entered our lives as rugged and durable work wear for mineworkers around a century and a half back. They began to be then worn as regular wear in the western countries during the first half of the twentieth century. However, with time, the entire world has been accepting and loving the trend of denim jeans. Ranging from fashion enthusiasts to a normal 9 to 5 worker, jeans have been drawing attention and love from one and all. Considering this, it is safe to assume that the reader here must be a denim enthusiast himself. Let us take a look at a few questions that would answer the question: are you a denim addict?

  1. You dream about buying a new pair of jeans every time you plan to splurge on some self-love.
  2. You buy multiple pairs of jeans in the same shade.
  3. You can not have enough of the classic blue jeans.
  4. You are interested in creating DIY jeans from the old pairs you are not ready to throw out.
  5. You are always eager to know about the current fashion trends when it comes to denim jeans.
  6. You are excited to try out a new denim trend you saw your favourite celeb wearing.
  7. You cannot think about anything when you fall in love with a pair of jeans and have to absolutely get it no matter what.
  8. Your jeans are always washed and displayed in your cupboard ready to wear anytime.
  9. You have different pairs of jeans for different moods and occasions.
  10. It becomes absolutely difficult for you to dispose off a pair of jeans, especially the old ones which you have worn over a thousand times and they have become like your second skin.
  11. You have a piece of deep knowledge about jeans fabrics and can differentiate between the qualities of a good and bad one.
  12. You cannot find enough storage options for the jeans you are dreaming about buying.
  13. You style your appearance around a pair of jeans and not the other way round.
  14. You purchase footwears and shirts/t-shirts which would go well with the jeans that you have or are planning to buy.
  15. You are aware of the fits and cuts of denim jeans and know what would suit your own body type.

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