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Adorable Denim Trends and their History

Jeans have been an indispensable part of the human wardrobe for almost a century now. However, they were initially produced more than 150 years back for blue-collar workers in the American continent. The objective was to produce durable coarse outfits that could withstand long working hours in rough conditions. They were considered to be a part of their uniform and thus stood for colonial and capitalist oppression. The fabric used to be produced in France and the indigo dye was exported from the Indian subcontinent. The main objective was also to provide durable clothes for mine workers that could be made very economically. However, jeans initially hit the wardrobe of regular people in America as a sign of rebellion in the 1950s. Even in America too, they were banned from being worn at public places until the 60s. With the popularity of the rebellious “Flower-power Movement”, blue denim trousers became quite popular among the American masses. By the 80s, various garment manufacturers also began to produce their own versions of blue denim. Gradually, jeans gained popularity as a part of casual and semi-formal outfits and the masses welcomed them with open arms. Since then, jeans have hit the fashion industry in multiple innovative fashion trends. Let us take a look at few jeans trends and how they came about into being:

  1. The Bell-Bottom trend: Inspired by the bell-bottom design in the naval uniform, this trend became popular in London in the 1960s and then expanded all over the world. The design is very pretty and is tailored such that the pants begin to flare from the calf region up to the ankle. The bell-bottom trend has been an on and off part of the fashion industry for the past 60 years. People have adored these jeans as they are quite trendy and let them flatter their curves perfectly.
  2. Boot-Cut Jeans: These jeans were inspired by the uniform of the American sailor. Boot-cut jeans also hit the market during the 50s and 60s and became extremely popular during the 70s under the influence of flower children. They were also popularized by cowboys and ranch workers. Boot-cut jeans still maintain their trendy position among the masses and are loved by all.
  3. Baggy Jeans: Also known as Wide-legged jeans, these jeans were popularized by the hip-hop culture during the 80s. They were initially manufactured by the American brand JNCO- “Judge None, Choose One” and were later taken up by other manufacturers as well. They are inspired by the loose breeches worn in the west during the 15th to 17th centuries. In the modern context, they were taken up by hip-hop rappers and dancers to facilitate break dancing. They are extremely comfortable and carry a very unconventional vibe that is a signatory of the hip-hop culture.
  4. Ripped Jeans: Popularized during the 1980S, ripped jeans are the favorite of youth culture. They were inspired by the hard-rock metal culture and became extremely popular. Before the 70s, ripped or distressed jeans were a symbol of poverty as they were worn for ages by the people who could not afford new ones. However, once they entered the fashion trend, they were taken up by people of all classes. They also served towards standing against discrimination based on economical diversity. However, the political relevance was quite short-lived, and what appealed to the masses more was the cool look they provided. Ripped jeans also brought in the DIY trends where youngsters produced their version of ripped jeans. The irony today is that Ripped or distressed jeans cost much more than regular jeans.
  5. Mom Jeans: This jeans trend has recently been popularized in the global market. However, mom jeans were initially worn by American middle-aged women during the 1990s. They are high-waisted and ankle-length and are loved by women of all ages today. Girls love to wear them under crop tops and camisoles.
  6. Boyfriend jeans: Inspired by the original cut of jeans worn by the blue-collar workers, these jeans are quite popular among females today. Marylin Monroe popularized the loose cut that complimented her feminine figure in the 60s. Decades later, Katie Holmes wore them on screen and was applauded for her look. Modern women today love to wear boyfriend jeans for their comfort and cool trendy appearance.

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