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A Little Info About Samurai Jeans

If you are a denim lover, you definitely need to know about Samurai Jeans. These are vintage-inspired raw denim jeans manufactured by a Japanese brand. As the name suggests, the motto behind creating these jeans is associated with the warrior spirit. The brand mentions that they wanted to create denim jeans that are strong and durable like a samurai blade. Original Samurai jeans are not easy to procure and are priced very high. These jeans have created quite a buzz in the international denim market and have become some of the most coveted items among denim lovers. Though you might not have heard about these jeans to be counted among the popular brands such as Lee and Levi’s, the brand has acquired respectable popularity because of their quality and limited-edition jeans. These jeans have gradually acquired a position of luxury in the denim market. Let us try to understand what qualities have led Samurai jeans to acquire such a position of prestige:

  1. Triple Layer Denim Look: Though showing off too much denim is not everyone’s cup of tea, Andre 3000s denim look did gather a lot of attention. A wore a classic pair of denim overalls with a heavy denim jacket on top. He looked like a dapper artist and glided effortlessly in his cool and comfortable outfit. However, if you are planning on recreating this look, make sure that you go for a loose-fitting but it should not be too baggy.
  2. Ethos: Any business grows and stands out among the masses primarily because of its authentic ethos. The market has been flooded with so many options for fast fashion these days, that clothing connoisseurs do not find the popular culture very appealing for now. People with taste look for options that are rare and would add value to their wardrobe collection. This is the target market for Samurai Jeans. The brand was founded in Japan in 1997 by Toru Nogami with the primary intention of creating vintage-inspired jeans that are rare in quality and possess a distinctively Japanese cultural mark. These jeans hold an outstanding reputation because of their ethos which says that in a world of fast fashion with cheap jeans that easily fade, their focus is on creating excellent jeans which are unsurpassable in quality with the “beauty and zen of color fading”. Samurai built a separate brand for themselves by merging American Casual inspirations with a particularly Japanese edge, thanks to their imaginative endeavor to attempt new things.
  3. Samurai Models: Samurai jeans use the Kiwami and Otokogi types of denim. Kiwami roughly translates to “extreme” which reflects the rare spirit of these jeans. The source material for Kiwami denim is a blend of short-fibred cotton cultivars from Texas and Australia, with a density of 19 oz. Because the thread is rigorously twisted, the indigo dye does not penetrate very deeply during dying. This makes the jeans fade quickly which adds to its appeal. The edging is braided with silver thread which is unique to Samurai jeans. The Otokogi denim on the other hand has an average density of 15 oz. Otokogii means “chivalrous spirit” and is made from short cotton fibres. Otokogi too fades relatively quickly. The material includes prominent longitudinal bands that develop a lovely contrast fading with time. It's worth noting that this type of denim holds its shape and stretches very little. The edging is like Kiwami is braided with silver thread. Samurai gradually incorporated heavy materials and innovative experimentation in order to push the boundaries of what a vintage-inspired firm could achieve. They have been meticulously trying to make original textiles with the texture and ageing features that were completely distinct from traditional vintage jeans which provides them with a very unique identity religiously sought out by denim enthusiasts.
  4. Entry into the International Market: In the early years of the twenty-first century, only a few die-hard raw denim lovers were aware of Samurai, which they imported from Japan via proxy. Despite the fact that the company began operations in 1997, it would be years before the brand was available in the United States. It was Gordon Heffner who launched the New York-based boutique Blue in Green in 2005 and brought the Japanese brand finally to the US market. Though several other brands like Self Edge also carried Samurai, BiG remains the only official U.S. vendor. Samurai is actually quite hesitant to seek out new stores, respecting its original ethos for creating rare quality jeans and fearing becoming a sold-out brand. Sellers like DC4, Take5, and Right-Hand Distribution represent the brand in Germany, Asia, Australia respectively.
  5. The authentic Samurai Touches: As already mentioned, Samurai stands out as a denim jeans brand because of their attitude that refrains from going after mass selling brands in the world of capitalization and maximum profit-seeking tendencies. The brand adds several original touches to their jeans which makes them into masterpieces. One such feature is the silver thread that is braided in all authentic Samurai jeans which stands for the strength of the traditional Samurai blade. On the pocket, there is a pointed arch in a raw denim colour which becomes visible only when the jeans begin to fade. The leather brand patch on the upper rear side of the jeans portrays the fencers Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro in combat. These figures represent brave fighters according to traditional Japanese legends. Samurai are known for their meticulous attention to detail. They make new rivets and engravings on their denim every time, as well as a unique leather patch for each model. Most of their models come with a one-of-a-kind leather patch featuring the brand's characteristic full moon silhouette and a lot number that indicates the year a pair was made.

Samurai jeans hold the special power of authenticity which is rarely found in our capitalist world of mass production with large profit margins as the ultimate goal. Samurai jeans are special and their speciality comes from the real artistic attitude of Nogami San. You will be surprised to know that in 2013, Nogami-san and the Samurai team created a pair of jeans in which they were involved in every step of the process including the growing of the cotton to the final manufacturing process. These steps were entirely unparalleled in the history of denim manufacture and are a reminder of the brand’s commitment to creating one-of-a-kind jeans.

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