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5 Pairs of Dark Blue Denim for Moody Winter Outfits

Winters are fast approaching and we are all looking to bring small to large transformations in our looks. Denim jeans are the most worn bottom wear during winters as they provide comfort as well as warmth. Men love to wear dark bottom wears during winter and pair them with different sweaters, hoodies, or blazers. You can wear a pair of dark blue jeans to any occasion and dress formally or casually depending upon your mood. These jeans are super easy to style and look pretty classy when paired well. There are a variety of shades in denim jeans available for men. You can choose between multiple shades and styles to make a great winter collection. Stylists advise carefully considering the colour shade while purchasing a pair of jeans for winter. You must go for a shade that goes well with both light and dark shades of upper wear. Other factors that you must carefully consider are the comfort and fitting of the jeans. When it comes to styles and trends of jeans for males, there are endless options for men to choose from. You can create different kinds of outfits with different styles. Here are 5 pairs of dark blue denim jeans for you to create your authentic moody winter outfits:

  1. Straight Leg Tailored Jeans: These jeans are perfect to create both formal and casual appearances in winter. Winters in India are all about weddings, festivals, and parties. Make sure that you are outstandingly styled for all these occasions by including a pair of dark wash straight-fit jeans in your wardrobe. You can style these jeans with heavy shirts, checked or denim jackets, blazers, and even half jackets. These jeans are also a great option if you are planning to attend an office meeting and want to radiate a cool yet sophisticated vibe. These jeans look great with loafers and formal shoes. Straight-leg jeans in dark shades are perfect for those people who want to keep it simple yet very elegant.
  2. Skinny Fit dark blue jeans: Skinny-fit jeans have become a favourite among men in the past few years. The fashion trends have been indicating immense love for this style and the prediction is that skinny-fit jeans are here to stay. These jeans perfectly showcase the vibe of a cool and carefree attitude. These jeans are super stylish and are perfect for a party animal with a free-going attitude. Not just for parties, you can wear them as everyday casuals with a simple hoody or a casual jacket. Casual sports shoes and sneakers blend perfectly well with these jeans to create an outstanding look. You can also go with the denim-on-denim theme with these jeans by pairing them with a denim shirt or jacket. Skinny-fit jeans are great for people who want to dress casually while keeping it low-key stylish.
  3. Dark Blue brushed jeans: The brushed wash is a classic feature of denim jeans. The classic plain wash is preferred by people for creating a formal or semi-formal look. However, if you are looking to embrace the aura of denim jeans for their liberty and freedom, go for brushed wash jeans. You can find multiple designs for these washes ranging from simple to heavy and complicated designs. You can choose to opt for skinny or straight fits and style them accordingly. These jeans look wonderful on men in all shapes and sizes. All you have to understand is your body type and what style and cut would go well on you. You can wear these jeans with sweatshirts, pull-over sweaters, woollen and denim jackets, and much more! The best factor about brushed wash jeans is that they do not fade easily and fade in a manner that you can wear for years without losing their initial luster.
  4. Fleece-lined Jeans: Do you often feel cold while wearing simple denim jeans during the cold winters? Fleece-lined jeans are here at your rescue. You can purchase a pair of fleece-lined jeans in dark blue shade and wear them comfortably throughout winters. These jeans look extremely stylish while providing you with the warmth and coziness of a soft blanket. These jeans feel super warm and soft on the skin which makes them a perfect choice to wear in regions where winters are harsh. You can also wear them on your trip to the mountains this year. They can be easily worn for outdoor activities and will definitely keep you comfortable and warm throughout the day.

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