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5 Must-Have Festive Designer Jeans for Men

The festival season is rapidly approaching in India. The last four months here are all about festivals, holidays, and celebrations. In a diverse society like ours, people love to celebrate all festivals, regardless of what religion we follow. Festivals these days do not just serve ritualistic and religious purposes. They also give us the opportunity to relax and rewind. Holidays are all about meeting and celebrating with friends and families. They serve as perfect occasions to indulge in some luscious and flavourful cuisines, playing games, and sharing tremendous love and laughter. Indians love to celebrate all festivals because it brings out the best in us and provides us with an opportunity to visit others as well as play hosts. These occasions also provide the perfect time and space for dressing well. A majority of Indian youth spend a monotonous life in schools, colleges, and offices. They then look forward to these festive occasions as they get to show off their flair for fashion.

When it comes to fashion, Indian men love to wear cool designer jeans. Denim jeans are all over in the garment business. Be it manufacturing, retailing, or wearing, Indians have shown a great craze for jeans. Denim jeans are very versatile and can be worn to almost any occasion. People love wearing jeans for this versatility along with the comfort they provide. However, the garment market provides endless options when it comes to denim jeans. Now we all love multiple options but with so much in the market, it gets quite confusing for people to choose from. There are multiple styles, cuts, shades, washes, etc; that a layman is left clueless about. In order to help you out with this, here are 5 must-have festive designer jeans for men that you can consider purchasing:

  1. Distressed Jeans: If you are a lover of the cool and effortless vibe, distressed jeans are your best option. Festivals provide you with an opportunity to step out of your formal or semi-formal look, and you could definitely experiment with some beautifully crafted distressed jeans. These jeans are perfect for a casual outing or a casual party. You can pair these with a simple or printed t-shirt according to your mood and choice. If cool yet elegant is your kind of vibe, you can pair a pair of classic blue rugged denim jeans with a plain white V-neck t-shirt. However, if you want to go with a bolder look, pair your distressed jeans with a graphic t-shirt of your favourite rock band and you’ll be good to go. If you also carry a nickel of artistic flair, you can even create your own DIY distressed denim jeans with an old pair of classic blue denim jeans and a pair of scissors.
  2. Joggers: Denim joggers are a blend of athleisure wear joggers created using a softer and blended denim fabric. People are showing an immense love for denim joggers these days. They provide a great option for leisure-wear when you are trying to relax on your holidays. Joggers can be paired with casual t-shirts and hoodies. They look perfect when worn above casual sneakers. If you are planning a short trip to the mountains during this holiday season, denim joggers would turn out to be a great option. Not only do they provide a dreamy comfort, but also look quite dashing.
  3. Feather Touch Denim Jeans: Talking about dreamy comfort, feather touch denim takes comfort to a whole another level. These denim jeans are made out of extremely soft and stretchable fabric. If you are planning to ditch all kinds of discomfort for fashion during this holiday season, feather touch denim jeans would be a great option to splurge on. You can pair these with your favourite comfy t-shirt and casual shoes and you’ll be more comfortable than ever. The best thing about these denim jeans is that they do not compromise appearance for the sake of comfort. While providing pleasurable comfort, they also look super cool.
  4. Dark Indigo Regular Fit: Classic straight-fit jeans are a favourite among men. The primary reason is the all-purpose quality of these jeans. You can create almost any look from formal, to semi-formal or casual appearance with these jeans. For festive outings, these jeans would go perfectly with a blazer or even a kurta. Therefore, these jeans would be a great option if you are planning to attend a party, a wedding, or a puja. However, if you are on a casual outing, pair these with a check button-down shirt or a plain t-shirt according to your choice. The best thing about these jeans is that they are very easy to style. Almost everything looks good with these jeans.
  5. Washed Out Denim Jeans: If you are looking to purchase something unique, washed-down denim would be a great choice. You can have so many options for mid-tone to dark-washed-out jeans. The denim fabric works perfectly for a wash-out appearance and looks quite adorable. You can go for subtle washes to keep it simple. However, if you are not shy to experiment, you could go for a spray pattern that looks very avant-garde. Washed-out denim jeans are a perfect option for an outing in a cosmopolitan setting.

Denim Jeans are a hot topic in the fashion industry in India. New trends make it into the market each season and people love to stock on them. Indian manufacturers are also becoming quite competitive. One such denim jeans manufacturing company is EightMilesJeans. This company has been best in the denim manufacturing business for five years now and is based in Karol Bagh, Delhi. The advantage of investing in jeans from local manufacturers is that they provide good quality denim jeans at really affordable prices and EightMilesJeans does just that. The company has shown great output in manufacturing over the past years and is continuing to do so. They create excellent quality jeans that are trendy and sell like hotcakes. They also provide options for customisable jeans depending upon your choice. If you are looking to invest in some great quality denim jeans for men, check out EightMilesJeans today!

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