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5 Jeans Styles to Refresh Your Look Right Now!

Denim Jeans are the most versatile pieces of clothing these days. Especially when it comes to men, it has been found that guys end up wearing jeans almost 90% of the time. When it comes to women, there are a thousand options for them to choose from- skirts, flared pants, palazzos, leggings, etc. However, for men, jeans are the most basic and most worn clothing item you can find. Another reason for the popularity of denim jeans is the comfort and durability they provide. Jeans are extremely low-maintenance and can be worn multiple times before washing. They do not need special care such as dry cleaning or fabric softeners and even then, they turn out to be surprisingly durable. You can wear a pair of jeans for years and the more worn they get, the better they look!

Denim jeans are quite popular among the youth these days. There are a wide variety of styles and cuts available in the market. Each year you can notice new trends and revival of some vintage ones. However, as the number of options increases, so does the confusion about what to buy and what not to buy. The foremost property you must understand before purchasing a pair of jeans for yourself is your body type. You would want to consider what all parts of your lower body it should bring attention to and whatnot. Then you can think about what all occasions you would want to wear those jeans too. Though jeans are known for their versatility and you can style your jeans for any look ranging from semi-formal to loungewear, you still would not want to purchase rugged jeans while planning them to wear for an office outing.

In order to help you out with these confusions, here are 5 jeans styles you can buy to refresh your look right now:

  1. Black Slim/Skinny Fit Jeans: Skinny-fit does not mean that you have to purchase a pair of jeans that cling tightly to your legs leaving no space for the skin to breathe. You can buy a pair of skinny-fit jeans with breathable material and are not too tight for you. You can not even imagine the comfort skinny fit jeans can provide if you have not tried a pair with a good fit and quality fabric. Do make a point to purchase a jet black one instead of going for a faded black to enhance your look, or you can buy both shades just to keep your options open!
  2. Classic Dark Wash Jeans: These jeans are the most versatile ones you can find in the market. You can go for a relaxed fit as compared to the black ones mentioned above. You can wear these jeans with different shades of shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, or jackets, depending upon the mood and occasion. You do not have to be very particular about the wash, but un-patterned plain washes do look superb!
  3. Distressed Denim: These are the coolest jeans to reflect your edgy personality. Distressed Jeans are the best for you if you are a party person and have a casual outlook. The look of light wash distressed denim jeans with a white shirt or a black t-shirt has been ongoing as a classic for years now. Black distressed jeans are another favorite among guys these days. There are multiple options you can pair these jeans with. Be it hoodies, shirts, t-shirts, or even vests, these jeans look perfectly paired with almost anything. Distressed jeans with a t-shirt of your favorite rock band together form another look people die for!
  4. Light Wash Denim: If you want to go for a peppy day look, light wash denim jeans would make perfect attire. These jeans look very adorable under printed shirts and t-shirts. Light wash denim gained huge popularity these summers. Influencers and celebrities paired these with floral and loud summer prints and people actually went crazy. These jeans can also be worn in a toned-down look with basic t-shirts and sneakers. Light wash denim jeans make the perfect casual look and can be worn for almost any occasion. Do add a pair of these to your wardrobe if you haven’t already.
  5. White Jeans: White Denim Jeans are the perfect go-to option if you want to make your attire more noticeable and exciting. These jeans add an extra bit of brightness to your outfit without making it appear too loud. You can even wear these jeans over a basic dark shirt or a blazer for an evening of cocktails and fun. White denim jeans are super classy and look very elegant. You can wear them with casual shoes or dark sneakers. You can even go for a pair of distressed white jeans for a more eclectic look and pair them with cool printed t-shirts. Whatever is your style, you do need to own a pair of white denim jeans to expand your dressing horizons.

These denim jeans are really great options to take your dressing game to a whole another level. If you are a person who believes in the maxim, “dress to impress”, do consider going for these denim options. With these jeans in your wardrobe, you can make hundreds of looks with different clothing options on top. All you need to own is a creative eye and a spirit of experimentation. Do not shy away from making yourself look good!

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